1. You start your day without taking a shower or changing out of your pajamas.
    But, then you take a shower break and feel rejuvenated to start the 2nd quarter of your work day.
  2. You start watching daytime talk shows.
    It's like having co-workers. Wendy Williams is the co-worker that gives you all the pop culture gossip. Sometimes they're just in the background and you don't actually listen to anything they're saying (Meredith Vieira).
  3. You go to the gym.
    Because otherwise you just feel like shit. Like, "I was home all day, I must step out and do some sort of physical activity since I didn't even have to walk to work."
  4. You start eating healthy snacks.
    There's no excuse. There's no vending machine. If you don't like lunch boxes, you no longer need them. Your fridge is right there; eat a fucking apple.
  5. You start making more weekday plans with friends.
    Otherwise you never ever leave the house.