Photos in My Phone That Could Be Album Covers

Inspired by @nikkilounoel
  1. Some kind of chill wave album.
  2. Concept album from a post rock band about writing letters to your grandparents and time travel.
  3. Really crappy local Christmas album. For sale at local Christian coffeehouse.
  4. Semisonic greatest hits.
  5. Indie compilation album.
  6. Sophomore effort from a really raw band who got Rick Ruben or Steve Albini to produce it. The fans do not approve.
  7. Dub step mixtape
  8. Southern rock trampstamp roll tide!
  9. Blink 182 and Weird Al joint E P
  10. Blood hound gang 20th anniversary rerelease
  11. Some Beck type musician. You know it's going to be good.
  12. Icelandic prog band (heavy synth)
  13. Corny rap album. (White country rap)
  14. Junior senior live bootleg
  15. We are trying to be deep.
  16. Favorite songs of the 40s and 50s reimagined for kids.
  17. Some Duncan Shiek album.
  18. Tween rom com soundtrack cover
  19. My experimental electronic album.