Let me preface this by saying, I can never stay awake for an entire movie. This isn't just at home, it is also in theaters. Sometimes I don't make it past the credits. I'm trying really hard to make it through this list, however, it may take me the rest of my days.
  1. Training Day
  2. Chinatown
  3. Antz
    Okay, I wasn't told I should be ashamed of this one. I was told I would enjoy it.
  4. Wicker Park
  5. Children of Men
  6. Die Hard
  7. Double Jeopardy
  8. Fifty Years War
  9. Fugitive
  10. Hostage
  11. Nightmare Before Christmas
  12. Sophie's Choice
  13. Now is Good
  14. Stranger Than Fiction
  15. Usual Suspects
  16. We Were Soldiers
  17. The Interns
  18. Star Wars
  19. Out of Africa