Although incredibly mainstream, I'm setting a list of goals I'm going to pretend to strive for in 2016
  1. #nomorefuckboys2016
    I'm pretty sure everyone said they were leaving fuckboys behind in 2014 but somehow they magically seeped through the cracks of 2015 and stayed in our lives. Lesson learned in 2015, I'm too old to be dealing with children who want to fuck around. Period.
  2. The end of #procrastinationnation
    I suck at time management. There's always a yoga class or a Ted Talk that DEMANDS my attention whereas my homework, does not. This is something I've always struggled with but I'm slowly but surely getting there.
  3. Boyfriend.
    Although this is a super lame goal, I'm just kind of done being single. I'd like to focus my energy into one person instead of 6 side hoes. I'm very into consistency, boyfriends provide that.
  4. Along with the boyfriend thing, I'm upping my standards
    My body is my home and I'm positive I've let too many undeserving people in.
  5. Reading!
    Although I already read a pretty decent amount, I'm always up to learn more. So I'm trying to start setting time constraints for books so that I move through them more quickly.
  6. #fitthickarmy
    Tryna get super fit and have my #goal body. #thiccc
  7. Let's hope I complete even one of these in 2016.