1. Sucked anyone's dick (y'all were unworthy of the succc)
  2. Gotten super drunk that one #mixedgirlmonday
  3. Gotten super drunk at Amy's first party....or second
  4. Kissed Joe
  5. Pissed off my BEST friend (we gucci now but we didn't talk for like two months yikes)
  6. Taken Aina Jaworska's Design Drawing class (bitchbitchbitchbitch)
  7. Never studied for an art history quiz
  8. Had sex with at least three people I magically had sex with
  9. Slept through that ONE design drawing class
  10. Been so wildly obsessed with Toprak (he's an ugly boy with a girlfriend. Waste of time)
  11. There are probably a lot of things I shouldn't have done this year. Here's a toast in hopes of better decision making skills in 2016.