The List is meant to be a space for me to write my thoughts and opinions outside of the twitter realm (I'm a twitter-a-holic) Mostly hoping that no one I know finds me on here...
  1. The Basics: I'm 19 years old, mixed (black&white), an only child for 17 of my 19 years, and I study interior architecture at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  2. What I'll Talk About: food, sex, family, college, feminism, racism, and any other fuckery I come across on the internet
  3. Hobbies: sex, reading, yoga, watching ted talks& poetry slams
  4. Warnings?¿ I'm very honest. Very pro hoe. Unkind to sexists, racists, and homophobics. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion but no one's entitled to an ignorant opinion
  5. Hope y'all enjoy this as much as I do!