1. Your abusive boyfriend!!!
    This doesn't even need an explanation honey. Leave him.
  2. Fuckboys!
    They're not even that cute and they're NEVER nice
  3. Slut shaming!
    You want a girl to throw it back but you're gonna call her a slut for throwing it back for other dudes?? But you're not trying to make her officially yours? News flash! Her body, her rules. Bye. Bye. BYE.
  4. White supremacy!
    Y'all. Is being white REALLY that cool? Like are you REALLY that much better than people of color?
  5. Killing innocent black people!!!
    Nuf said!
  6. Texting me to hangout with no actual plans in mind!
    If you ZONT have a time/place/activity/duration already set in your mind. ZONT contact me until you do! That's is all.
  7. Rape jokes!
    Never funny!
  8. Green hair!
    I know green hair isn't actually "trendy" but can people just stop doing it? Thanks.
  9. These fugly Jesus shoes!
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  10. Blurry Instagram photos!
    No one can see you! This is NEVER a good look
  11. Mediocre sex!
    If you didn't leave trash dick in 2014, let's leave it behind in 2015!
  12. Intentional misgendering!
    This is just rude. You wouldn't intentionally mispronounce someone's name. Don't intentionally use an improper pronoun.
  13. Knockoff Michael Kors Bags!
    I didn't even know this was a thing until it was recently brought to my attention...so uhm...can we just not? Let's leave knockoffs altogether in 2015 but ESPECIALLY Michael Kors. C'mon now.