Hoe /hō/: defined as "noun: variant spelling of ho" --> "ho: /hō/" defined as: "a prostitute. A woman (derogatory)" My definition: someone openly sexual and or sexual liberation
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    First, I don't think of the word "hoe" as a negative or derogatory label. I quite like it actually. I like to label myself "mixed hoe"--not an alter ego but an extension of my multi-faceted self. But the verbal enjoyment of sex outside of the bedroom should not be a privilege only afforded to men. Sex is the most natural thing in the world and yet it is treated as some sort of secret society, a topic that can only be talked about with specific people and at specific times.
  2. Fuck the patriarchy.
    Personally, I think women have been hoodwinked into this alpha male, hetronormitive society. Women don't need men (*gasps*) That's right. Statistically speaking, women are actually significantly better off without men.
  3. Statistically speaking...
    "About 40% of all women killed worldwide are done so by a partner" (usnews.com) Almost two thirds of all women killed with a firearm in the United States annually, are killed by a male partner. Women make up 78% of all the victims of rape in the United States. "The most common form of violence experienced by women globally is physical violence inflicted by an intimate partner" (un.org).
  4. Anywhore...
    I'm sick an tired of women who enjoy sex being devalued. Or sex workers??? WHY do men hate on sex workers? There's obviously a market for it...how are y'all hating on the women YOU'RE paying for their services? None of that makes sense. But regular women who have slept with multiple people get shit because....? Okay I get it, she's not a virgin but you want a woman who can throw it back but hasn't slept with many people? Practice makes perfect my friend&lots of sex is the only way you get there.
  5. We ALL like sex! So let's talk about it and let's get busssaay
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