1. Breakthru from The Miracle
  2. Cool Cat from Hot Space
  3. Good Company from A Night at the Opera
  4. You and I from a Day at the Races
  5. I Was Born to Love You from Made in Heaven
  6. I'm In Love With My Car from A Night at the Opera
  7. Long Away from A Day at the Races
  8. Brighton Rock from Sheer Heart Attack
  9. Made in Heaven from Made in Heaven
  10. Doing Alright from Queen I
  11. Liar from Queen I
  12. '39 from A Night at the Opera
  13. Keep Yourself Alive from Queen I
  14. Jealousy from Jazz
  15. The March of the Black Queen from Queen II
  16. Spread Your Wings from News of the World
  17. Local