I love TV, and I have a lot of reactions while I watch it. Comment about your TV reactions!
  1. Sobbing
    This can happen a lot. Most frequently spotted during series finales, character weddings, and poignant State Farm commercials.
  2. "FUCK YOU!"
    Usually directed toward mean characters and/or mean reality show judges.
  3. Vomiting
    Only once so far - during that scene in the office when everyone vomits one after the other. I happened to already be sick, and off I went
  4. "What did he/she just say?" asked genuinely confused
    I sometimes ask character who have soft voices or who tend to mumble to repeat themselves. They rarely comply.
  5. "What did he/she just say?" asked sassily
    When a character says something I think is rude and/or dumb. As you can see. I enjoy trying to interact with the characters in my TV. Is that a problem?
  6. Laughing
    My most common reaction. If I'm not laughing, I'm usually not watching. My favorite shows make me do the silent laugh where it kind of looks like I'm being strangled
  7. Dancing
    Oh, the High School Musical days. Anyone remember those dances? 🎶we're all in this together🎶
  8. "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god"
    Said during moments of great anticipation. I usually don't realize I'm saying this until someone elbows me in the gut