Inspired by @laurensmith my most humiliating moments. Don't worry- I came out the other side a happy person who can joke about her pain
  1. Diving into the pool during a race that was not my own
    I was in 4th grade, a brand new swim team member with "eat my bubbles!" emblazoned across my back in sharpie. I had been selected to do the 50 meter butterfly as my first race ever, which seemed really weird considering the fact that I had just learned how to do the butterfly about 5 days before. I was extremely nervous. I was standing up on the block, cold and shaking. What I didn't realize at the time was that the race before mine was only a 25 meter, meaning the swimmers started at the ....
  2. Diving continued
    .. Other end of the pool. I heard the gun to start that other race, but though it was for me. I dove and swam my heart out. Determined to win, I barely came up for breath the entire lap. I didn't notice everyone screaming at me to stop. I also didn't notice that I passed a kid in my own lane which is not supposed to happen. I was yanked by my hair out of the water as I tried to turn. I had to get out and walk-of-shame around the pool. I lost the actual race because I was so tired.
  3. Hagrid, the best role I've ever played
    I played Hagrid in a skit for one of our graduation events my senior year of high school. I had a brown beard made of brown construction paper and wore a ratty brown robe with a pillow stuffed in it. I forgot my lines and had to walk over to the podium to read from the script. At least I got some laughs!
  4. A hug or a handshake
    I was greeting an acquaintance before a job interview. A few of my guys friends were also there interviewing. He shook each of their hands in turn and I stuck my hand out to shake his. At the same time, he had been reaching to hug me. I ended up shoving my hand against his crotch, I finally pulled my hand back as be stuttered "you're a girl.. I'm gonna hug you." I hugged him with a bright red face. And stuttered something like "I am, yes, a girl."
  5. Ankle break
    I was walking out of my dorm in college, hoping to get some chipotle and get back to my paper. I tripped and felt my ankle break. I let out a sound similar to a squak. There was no way I could put weight on it. I happened to be right in front of the lawn of a fraternity house. A bunch of brothers were outside drinking. They saw me and laughed but no one made a move to help. I crawled on my hands and knees across about 100 feet of pavement to get to my dorm door.