After TMP's 75th and final season, of course. @mindy please start writing some / all of these
  1. That's just Colette!
    Mock reality show chronicling the dating trials and tribulations of our fave southern nurse
  2. Tales from the Cupboard
    Dark dramedy about Jeremy's childhood and adolescence. At least 3 mean but super hot brothers required
  3. Leo & Henry
    Adorable kids show about best friends Leo Castellano and Henry Barinholtz
  4. Puppy Bowl (feat. Morgan's 40 dogs)
    Each dog has its own segment detailing its various ailments. They have to stop halfway though because two of the dogs start fighting
  5. Attorney at Law
    Intense drama about cliff's law practice. One of those shows where there's a new case every week and there's also one super hard case that lasts the whole season