I can't commit to doing something for all of 2016. Instead, I decided to come up with some goals for just January. I'll reevaluate on Feb 1st. Leave encouragement or tell me your goals in the comments!
  1. Organize my "important stuff" drawer.
    I'm 23, which means I don't have tons of important personal files to keep track of. Currently, I have a drawer where I keep everything that seems important to have on hand (last years tax returns, my passport, blank checks, etc). This drawer is just a big heap of important things - which is driving me crazy. Next weekend I will introduce a filing system to that drawer. Hello organization! 🗂🗄
  2. Work out at least 4 times per week.
    I'm not good at keeping a "get fit" resolution, so I thought I'd be more specific. I made a cute little notebook to log my workouts. I figure 30 minutes, 4 times a week is a good first step. I plan to start working out in the morning, as opposed to my usual evening workouts, so we'll see how that goes. I might up the ante next month!
  3. Make a list of at least 10 recipes I want to learn.
    One of my overarching goals for 2016 is to become a better cook. I'll use January to identify some dishes I definitely want to focus on - then I can incorporate those into my goals for future months
  4. Score at least at 740 on the GMAT
    I'm taking the GMAT on Jan 30th, so January will be all about studying. Wish me luck! 📚
  5. Write an "out of the blue" letter to my grandpa.
    I don't talk to him much, and I feel like he would really appreciate a surprise in the mail!
  6. Move half of my paycheck to my savings.
    I have everything I need, so barring some catastrophe, I should be able to immediately set aside half of my earnings for the month. Yay fiscal responsibility! 💰
  7. Keep my nails painted.
    I'm bad at this. I usually paint them once, the manicure lasts a week, I take it off and then rock bare nails for like 3 weeks before painting them again. Not anymore! I have a bunch of cute new nail polish colors and I've made a date with myself to paint them every Sunday night. 💅🏻
  8. Go to the allergist
    I have terrible allergies and I keep putting off going to the doctor to talk about how to manage them - no more! Making an appointment next week!
  9. Write at least one line in my gratitude journal very night
    This one will be the hardest- but I'm committed to being more grateful in 2016 🎆