Ode to the Bbc Show Cuckoo (Season 1)

  1. This show is a fucking delight - I discovered it today and proceeded to watch all 6 episodes immediately
  2. First of all, I am an Andy Samberg stan, but this might be my favorite role of his. He plays the title character - Cuckoo- a bohemian nomad who is charming and loveable and arrogant as hell.
  3. Cuckoo meets and marries Rachel, who brings him home to live with her straight laced family. And the tension is fucking perfection
  4. The writing on this show is insanely good and Andy's delivery sells the hell out of it. My favorite of 1000 perfect lines from the pilot: Cuckoo interrupts Ken's (his new father in law) attempt at a heart to heart with a cutting "You are not holding my attention."
  5. Also I legit cried while watching the last episode. And I don't mean that I cried from laughter (though I did that also). I mean that I cried with happiness at the plot because I came to love these characters in only six episodes and I just want them to be happy
  6. So this show is perfection - and it was a huge hit in the UK. But, by the time they were ready to shoot season 2, Andy had already started B99. He and the showrunners tried to find a time to shoot season 2 for 18 straight months before they gave up and cast someone else.
  7. The "someone else" they cast is Taylor Lautner. Yes - Twilight's Taylor Lautner. I know nothing about TL's acting prowess, but the thought of him playing a character that requires the comedic chops of someone like Andy scares me.
  8. So rather than move on and watch the newly released season 2, I've decided to just let the 6 episodes exist as a little mini wonderful perfect series that it is.
  9. Anyway, watch it. Here's the trailer: http://youtu.be/KS6F57gp5RY