Things on My Bedside Table

Inspired by @aniko
  1. 3 half-full bottles of water
  2. Luden's cherry lozenges
  3. Nail polish remover
  4. Stack of books
    Includes Modern Romance - Aziz Ansari, The Ice Twins - S.K. Tremayne, Harvard Business Reviews Top 10 Must Reads 2015, and of course Why Not Me - @mindy Kaling
  5. Tylenol
  6. Cup for pens
    Only contains a pink highlighter and a skinny black sharpie
  7. Lamp
  8. Rosebud salve and lip gloss brush
    Maybe my fave thing ever. Also I have a weird thing about dipping my fingers into lip balm. Gotta have a brush
  9. Relaxation coloring book and box of colored pencils
    You heard me. I'm on trend
  10. 2 bottles of nail polish
    Tom Ford Bitter Bitch and Tom Ford Bordeaux Lust
  11. Amazon Fire TV remote
  12. Earrings
    Navy Kendra Scott
  13. Eye drops
    Clear eyes maximum redness relief - my life blood