I can help myself. I'm a binge watcher at heart. And right now I've binge watched the @mindy project 5 times in a row. I will either expand my horizons with some of these, or keep binging TMP. We'll see.
  1. Cheers
    Did you guys know that's in Hulu? Amazing. Never seen a single episode. Maybe now I'll finally understand why everyone was so obsessed with that show.
  2. Veep
    Because JLD is fab
  3. Moonlighting
    The problem with this one is that I don't think it's on any sort of streaming platform, meaning I will have to buy DVDs like some sort of 2007 peasant
  4. The office
    Because it never gets old. My 'desert island' TV episode would definitely be @bjnovak 's 'threat level midnight.' I would fall asleep happy every night with visions of 'the scarn' dancing in my head