Chris Messina has been off TMP for a few weeks now, and I really miss him. Here's why:
  1. Because I miss his face
    He's got the Castellano Curse - a perfect face
  2. ... And his body
    Remember Weiner Night? Need I say more?
  3. I miss his super adorable romantic moments with Mindy I want them back
    I need my babies on screen together again. Time for some adorable gazing
  4. I need him to kiss Mindy like he just returned from war
    Which is basically what's happening. He's been off in god knows where FOREVER
  5. I need him to snuggle with Leo
    I love their daddy-son stuff on screen. I want 1000% more of it
  6. I need some more Tamra / Colette and Danny interactions
    Those ladies are fucking hysterical and all of their interactions with Danny are 💯
  7. I don't want Chris being gone to be the story anymore
    I just want him to be back so we can all stop whining about it and get back to the reason we're all here: to see some Dandy sex onscreen. ... Nope, that's not what I meant. The reason we're all here is umm because we love this show or whatever. And partially the sex thing because let's face it- we're all perverts