5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

I could make hundreds of versions of this list.
  1. This is someone's real car in the parking lot of a Costco in Tucson, AZ circa 2014
    If this vehicle belongs to you, please come forward. This shit keeps me up at night. I can't even.
  2. A picture of a picture of myself.
    I was like 4ish. And a flower girl. And chubby. There, I said it myself, haters 😏
  3. Me. With one of those aging filters.
    And I make a fine ass old lady (check out those jowls!). So again, fuck your negativity, HATERS 😋
  4. Lana. Del. Rey.
    Cuz obviously.
  5. Words cannot describe
    The shock and horror when I saw this in a magazine. A schlong sling. It's a real thing. (Hey that rhymes - schlong sling people feel free to use that as your ad slogan)