Thoughts While Putting Off Finishing A Screenplay

Procrastination is the best medicine.
  1. I should take a break.
    I've made so much progress. I deserve it.
  2. Like, does anyone KNOW I'm working so hard?
    It's similar to the "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it..." conundrum.
  3. I'm essentially asking to be broke.
    But it's all about the glory! Right?
  4. What's Allison Janney doing?
    I hope a gaggle of twenty-something pool boys are massaging her feet while feeding her grapes.
  5. Maybe I should move someplace I could afford to make a movie.
    Wyoming, what up?
  6. But... Someone will read this, right?
    I mean, they better.
  7. Because I really love this thing...
    And I think it could truly add to the growing population of female filmmakers.
  8. ...My little horror movie.
    I just love it so much.
  9. Even though it drives me insane.
  10. But it COULD be something.
    Just gotta have faith.
  11. Okay. Back to work.
    If these guys can do it...