1. The Big Sick
  2. Baby Driver
  3. Get Out
  4. 20th Century Women
    Well acted, great character driven movie
  5. Logan
    Boom boom
  6. Wonder Woman
    She good
  7. Logan Lucky
  8. Okja
  9. Lion
    So many tears
  10. Hidden Figures
    So solid
  11. John Wick
    Hands down the best movie where the dog dies.
  12. Good Will Hunting
    So well done. So many whities. I guess that's Boston?
  13. Memento
  14. Brooklyn
    So cute and full of heart
  15. Ex Machina
    Just great
  16. Girls Trip
  17. Spider man
  18. Dunkirk
  19. Lego Batman movie
    So fun
  20. The Salesman
    Very human
  21. John Wick 2
  22. Gifted
    So cute and sweet y'all
  23. Captain Underpants
  24. When Harry Met Sally
  25. Tickled
    So nuts
  26. Bridget Jones Diary
  27. Ant Man
  28. A Monster Calls
    Cool visuals. Heart-touching
  29. Valerian
  30. Wiener
    A classic story of Icarus flying too close to the sun, but with his penis not his wings.
  31. Detroit
  32. Morris from America
    Craig Robinson is actually a great actor. Fun movie.
  33. Birdman
    Moments were very good
  34. Blue Jay
    Wow, it's crazy how good this would have been if Mark Duplass didn't cast himself.
  35. The Fundamentals of Caring
    A little cheesy but pretty cute and funny. BITE OF THE JAMES!
  36. Tomb Raider
  37. Edge of Seventeen
  38. Valerian
  39. Kingsman 2
  40. Kong: Skull Island
    Dang, Brie Larson look good
  41. Atomic Blonde
  42. Sing!
    The parts where they sang were great
  43. Power Rangers
    Made no sense. Very fun.
  44. Rough Night
    Too much arguing for a comedy, but fun
  45. Indiana Jones Raiders of the Last Ark
    Fun but so dated
  46. Everything is illuminated
    Good but not as good as the book
  47. Betting on Zero
  48. Jackie
    Natalie Portman is good at crying. So many close ups
  49. War for the Planet of the Apes
  50. Boss Baby
    Wow, some pretty funny stuff
  51. The Overnight
    A lil funny
  52. Iron Man 3
  53. Beauty and the Beast
  54. Guardians 2
  55. Cars
  56. Cars 3
  57. Thor 2
  58. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
  59. Chips
    Parts were fun
  60. Home Again
  61. Sicario
  62. Xmen apocalypse
    Oof. Pretty bad
  63. Indiana Jones 2
    Just terrifying and so very strange
  64. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
    So sad and dark
  65. A Dog's Purpose
    It made my heart scratch its head
  66. Batman v superman
    So dumb