1. He hates tomatoes.
  2. He's scared of the dark.
  3. He's an extremely picky eater.
  4. He's an anxious person.
  5. He hates (and is scared of) spiders.
  6. He's known to be somewhat of a hoarder, to which he argues "I'm sentimental."
  7. He doesn't like m&ms.
  8. He doesn't like, and can't handle, even remotely spicy foods.
  9. He's definitely NOT a risk taker.
  10. He prefers to take his showers at night.
  11. He tends to get more upset, or frustrated, than the people around him.
  12. He was scared to sleep away from home up until he was a teenager.
  13. He doesn't like needles or blood. He has even passed out while getting a shot once.
  14. Favorite cereal is Frosted Mini Wheats!
  15. He says "I'm a lover of all fries. I don't discriminate!"
  16. He's a slow eater.
  17. Small bladder. If he's in the car for "like 7 minutes", he has to pee.
  18. He prefers pie to cake.