And, more accurately, emojis I use most often.
  1. 😘
    This handy little fella I use in the place of a thank you a lot. And hopefully the people I send the replacement thank you get it. I also use it in the place of a please. Basically, I don't like using manners. Ha.
  2. 😁
    Another that can, or at least I use, in the place of a please. Ex. "Can you bring me a drink 😁" it's like begging.
  3. 👏🏼
    Being a fangirl, I generally use this when my favorite celebrity (i.e. Thomas Brodie-Sangster) does something I agree with or, more rarely, wears something that actually matches and/or looks good.
  4. 😳
    For disturbing thoughts. Or if I'm so excited that I cannot express emotion.
  5. 🎈
    Come on, look how cute!