I haven't traveled much (although I would like to) but of the places I have traveled to, I have found in most of the places I could definitely live there. This list is a mix, though, of places I have actually been to and places I want to.
  1. Connecticut
    Preferably close to the harbors. My family and I visited Rhode Island in September and we drove through Connecticut. Our route took us along the coast line and it was so glorious. Mystic seems to be the prettiest of what I've seen in Connecticut but so are the pennies to live there.
  2. Rhode Island
    Something about being close to the harbors makes me feel at peace. And the fact that my best friend lives there, makes Rhode Island on the top of my list.
  3. Tennessee
    Okay, Tennessee is pretty. But what puts this state even on my list is the friendliness of the people there. Seriously. Southern hospitality!
  4. England
    More specifically, London. Why? I don't know. I'd at least like to try it.
  5. Italy
    When I think of Italy, I think of riding my bike along the side of a vineyard with beautifully designed house sitting on top of the hill. In the distance, seeing water with a yellow-stone colored bridge and the smell of pizza in the air (and not like Pizza Hut smell. Authentic good stuff!). What a place to live!
  6. Egypt
    I guess I more just want to visit here. "It seems exotic... like ranch dressing" -Tina Belcher
  7. Indiana
    Sometimes I forget how beautiful Indiana can be. I do like living here.. just I wish I lived in a different City.... seriously.