I am not great at resolutions. Not because I don't follow through, but because I don't make them in the first place (notable exception: 2013's resolution to "be more honest," which was an unqualified success). With that caveat, happy new year and here goes!
  1. Be more decisive.
    If I choose a restaurant for lunch and it sucks, my friends will probably forgive me. So I should live on the edge and just choose something.
  2. Regain the ability to do a split.
    Since I still have the emotional dexterity of an 11 year old, why shouldn't I have the matching physical skills?
  3. Stop drinking so much during the week.
    (But definitely continue drinking to excess on the weekends.)
  4. Write more.
    Press releases don't count.
  5. *BONUS* Identify a direction for my life.
    Remember: one of my resolutions on this short list is to be more decisive about restaurant selections. But I'll note this one down anyway as something to work towards!