In the current "Golden Age" of television there are plenty of reasons to stay in and catch up on an episode or 12 of your favorite series. That is when there aren't any games on of course. Here are my favorite TV moments (including sports) of the year in no particular order.
  1. Chelsea wins the Premier League.
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    Being a sports fan obviously watching your team win a championship is exciting. But this one was special in particular because the way they dominated the year. Also because somehow a year after we're total garbage.
  2. Jon Snow kills a White Walker with Longclaw in Game of Thrones S5 E8.
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    Even with how good TV is rarely does something really leave you in true shock. Jon Snow blasting that WW into smithereens gave us the tiniest glimmer of hope on an otherwise grim season.
  3. Tracy Morgan at the Emmy Awards.
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    Tracy Morgan will always be one of my favorites for his role on 30 Rock among many others. When he walked out on that stage you could tell he was loved by many.
  4. Master of None "Mornings".
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    In all honesty I probably loved almost everything about this show in a way you don't usually enjoy comedies. This show has such a relatable quality that it doesn't feel like fiction at times. For anyone in a relationship those traits were abundantly clear in "Mornings". Incredible.
  5. Star Wars trailer during Monday Night Football.
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    It's what we've all been waiting for so every tid bit is over analyzed but once we had the full trailer we finally started to think we might actually get what we hoped for.
  6. The end of Mad Men.
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    This has been my favorite show on TV for years so of course I was sad to see it go. They stayed true to form throughout the series and the end was no different. I already can't wait to re-watch it again and again.
  7. Jon Stewart's final Daily Show.
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    Quite possibly one of the only news shows I can tolerate. It was a great run and we owe Stewart a huge debt of gratitude.
  8. Robert Durst realizing he's been caught on The Jinx.
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    The whole time you're watching thinking either this is the biggest string of coincidences of all time or he did all this and got away with it. Jaw dropping final reveal.
  9. SNL 40th Anniversary.
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    For anyone who is a fan of this show it was great to see all those familiar faces and the characters they created. Also a realization of how many have passed.
  10. Anything Cleary does on The Knick.
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    Slowly becoming my new favorite show on TV. With so many compelling characters and moments it was hard to choose but Cleary's turn this season makes him a standout.
  11. The Golden State Warriors winning streak/Riley Curry.
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    For any fan of basketball not watching these guys play I suggest you start recording these games so you don't miss out. Unprecedented winning streak that could end up as one of the best seasons in history. But let's hurry and make it to the playoffs so we can see more Riley press conferences.
  12. Helena goes full Helena on Orphan Black S3 E9.
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    Tatiana Maslany plays practically everybody in this show and as if that wasn't enough sometimes she has to be one character pretending to be another. Quite confusing you would think but she pulls it off seamlessly. The payoff is always good but especially in this episode where she reminds you of Helena's dark side.
  13. Kobe Bryant's farewell tour.
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    Of course he has been God awful. He's coming off two major injuries that kept him out the better part of 2 years. He's old. He just can't do it night in night out like he used to. But he definitely deserves every bit of each city's send off. One of the best to ever do it.
  14. Anthony Bourdain visits Ethiopia with Marcus Samuelsson on Parts Unknown.
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    It's got all the elements of a Bourdain show but with a special twist. You learn a lot about the country and Marcus' journey. Pretty rewarding even for the viewer.
  15. Bokeem Woodbine on Fargo.
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    Calm demeanor. Philosophical. Ruthless. Bokeem's character Mike Milligan is about as cold hearted killer as you will find but you might not know it at first.
  16. Virgil and Comfort perform a Christopher Scott routine on SYTYCD Season 12.
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    So many great performances this year as usual but this one was pretty unique and stood out to me. Hopefully there's more just like this to come.
  17. "The Gospel According to Mac" ESPN 30 for 30.
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    Calling this a sports documentary would be a great injustice. It touches on everything from religion, faith, racism, death etc. Great story.
  18. Matt Murdock kicks all the ass on Episode 2 of Daredevil.
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    Seeing as how we'll be living the next decade of our lives in the Marvel universe you might as well go all in. I was hooked after this incredible one shot fight scene. That's a level of commitment you don't usually see in a TV show.
  19. Rodgers to Rodgers Hail Mary to beat the Lions on Thursday Night Football.
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    This actually might have been the greatest throw I have ever seen. Nevermind the defensive aspect or anything else. That throw was an absolute missile.
  20. Josh Daniel sings "Jealous" by Labrinth on X Factor UK.
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    I don't watch this show by any means but I saw this video floating around the Internet. You know if it makes that guy cry it must be something pretty special.