1. Jenna Maroney
    Thinks toofer & lutz are playing a joke on her. "Zombies? You want scary? Try telling Mickey Rourke you mistook his chihuahua for a squirrel & told your driver to keep on going." But she uses the chaos to prepare for her next B movie role.
  2. Tracy Jordan
    Takes to the streets with his army of exotic pets & light saber. He is the first to die.
  3. Liz Lemon
    She ate all the Sabor de Soledad puffs in her "apocalypse snack bunker" (a plastic tote under her bed) during a blackout two years ago. Hoards everything she can find in the kitchen & barricades herself in her office, using Duane Reade bags as underwear.
  4. Jacky D
    Once you agree to have his children & help repopulate the earth, he offers you a spot on his chopper to fly over to his Austrian art dealer friend's island a few miles away from the city.
  5. Devon Banks
    Has sex with all the male pages, tries & fails to get on jack's helicopter.
  6. Kenneth Parcell
    Insists it's the rapture, not zombies. He's got a 5 year supply of dried squirrel meat & hill people milk in the basement of 30 Rock. But to partake you must renounce the devil & agree that you are best friends. Forever.