1. My Sunday School teacher was Mr. Haney
    I did not care for Mr. Haney. I was the only girl in the class & sat at a table by myself, and I quickly decided this was his fault. But that wasn't my main beef with him.
  2. We were sitting in a circle doing Bible study
    I hated the circle. I was 10 and a crazy early bloomer. If it wasn't my period, it was my hairy legs sticking out of my dress causing me a stupid amount of anxiety.
  3. Travis asked a question
    It had nothing to do with the verses that week. But ok, Travis, what's on your mind?
  4. "Mr. Haney, do dogs go to heaven?"
    My attention jolted from the dense forest that was my knee hair & to Mr. Haney. My first dog died the year or so before & I was still heartbroken over it. My mom assured me our dog was in heaven, no longer in pain, and enjoying an endless supply of milkbones. I was ready for reassurance that yes, my dog was in heaven & she was happy.
  5. I waited for the answer.
  6. NOPE.
  7. "Dogs don't go to heaven, because they don't have souls."
    This was his answer.
  8. And then he just went on about Moses like he didn't just break the hearts of eight kids
    I left church heartbroken, but never mentioned it. I gave up all hope of seeing my precious dog ever again (I was a weird little 10 year old living under the assumption that I was definitely a lock for heaven) and imagined her in some sad limbo all alone.
  10. My beliefs have changed since then
    Life is hard, believing is hard.
  11. BUT
    Soul or no soul, dogs are our family, friends, rescuers, and caregivers. If there is a heaven and someone gets to go, it will be these sweet, perfect little angels.
  12. Static
    see ya, guy.