I was obsessed.
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    My friend & I carried on elaborate story lines for what felt like months.
    At one point Barbie had to give birth while on an airplane on the way home from vacation. With Ken absent, a pilot with an (unfortunate) Indian accent coached her through the birth, then safely landed the plane in front of barbie's house.
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    Yellow Bug💛💛💛
    My favorite Barbie car. Plenty of room for all the kids & lots of space in the trunk for when Barbie needed to pack all her purses & the diaper bag & get away from a moody Ken. I must have packed & unpacked this car hundreds of times. Also had seat belts!
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    Beach bungalow
    Cute little place to get away from it all, conveniently located on the edge of the living room. Barbie went here alone with the kids. Ken wasn't allowed. But by the time I got the bungalow I was kind of oldish (11) and had moved across the country from my favorite Barbie playmate.
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    I LOVED this plane. There was also a pilot, luggage, and a snack cart. It made take off& landing sounds. The luggage spilled out of the back of the plane after Barbie & her girlfriends & the kids arrived at the beach on the outskirts of the kitchen. Ken missed the flight.
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    The main house
    My barbies lived here & my friend's barbies camped out around the house with whatever furniture & junk I didn't want.
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    car for 4
    A big deal. All the girlfriends could pile in here (legs slid under the front seats) & not have to take 2 cars to the bar down the hallway.
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    REMOTE CONTROLLED. this changed the game entirely. No more of me schooching Barbie & the kids across the living room & over to the neighbor's house for dinner while Ken had to "stay late at work"
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    Sometimes Barbie left the boat at home with Ken & tied all the kid's stuff to the trailer with a shoe lace.
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    Very similar to this, maybe a later model? Had dolphins & a fancy slide. Barbie usually took the jeep here, sans kids. Really tan Ken from the bottom of the toy box liked to hang here.
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    My mom's childhood RV
    Smelled old, but i thought it was magical. One of the doors folded out to a little tent & campfire scene.
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    Mom's airplane
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    Early Barbie designs were the best.
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    Mom's 3 story house
    70s chic with an elevator (a string moved it up & down.) my friends thought it was lame, but I loved it.
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    Knock off dream house
    I never had the real Barbie dream house (huh??) but the knock off house I got one Christmas was pretty fantastic & had the best furniture. Huge master & built in shelves. Once my barbies moved out of the "main house" & into this place, my friend's barbies finally had a real home. Ken wasn't initially allowed inside the new residence.
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    Other stuff
    A bank, supermarket, classroom, spa, boutique. The supermarket was 💯
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    I think that's it?
    All of this stuff is stashed away in my parents' garage, I was ready to donate it but my mom said no & now I'm glad she did.