Exciting Things 📸

A lot of my digital photos and some scans were on an external hard drive, which I no longer have. BUT, I checked various sites & social media and was able to cobble together a bunch of photos/memories I thought I'd never see again. These are some my favorites 💕
  1. Spring break in France
    It wasn't planned, but one day in Nantes we had crepes for every meal. Breakfast crepes, to go crepes for lunch, dinner at the creperie where we were served 3 courses of crepes. I haven't had one since. The night before that, we made crepes in my French pen pal's garage.
  2. Clown paintings
    My grandmother gifted me several clown paintings over the years. A paint by numbers she did as a child, a sad clown my grandfather bought her shortly after they married, and this was the most recent one. I found photos of all of them! There are few things I love more than sad/eerie depression era clown paintings.
  3. Puppy Georgia
    She started this habit at a young age. THIS IS MY DOG, LOOK HOW CUTE SHE IS
  4. Vintage dresses
    I had a collection of vintage clothes & this dress was one of my favorites. I ended up raising the hemline & it instantly felt fun & contemporary.
  5. Summers in RVA
    I miss being younger.
  6. Santa Fe
    This might be my only remaining picture from NM, we lived there when I was in elementary school.
  7. Washed Out
    Seeing Washed Out with a good friend was the highlight of a very trying last semester of college.
    I found this while interning at a costume house & drooled over it everyday. It's from the 30s, floor length, and I spent most of my time daydreaming about Cate Blanchett wearing it to the Venice Film Festival.
  9. Me & my mom
    This was taken a couple days after they brought my sister home from the hospital. I was dressing myself, doing my own hair, and unsure about everything. Meeting my sister in the hospital is my first memory.