1. Making the honor roll & telling my dad
    Impressing him was very important & I loved when he was proud of me.
  2. The tidal wave of relief when the end of recess bell rang
    There were times when I loathed recess as a kid, due to being horrible at making friends, so hearing that shrill bell was always heaven.
  3. The rush of excitement on opening night of a play in high school
    I was a theatre kid & lived for that first step on stage & escaping myself for awhile.
  4. Walking out of the gym after a hard workout
    And wanting to go back the next day.
  5. Wild abandon after the last class of the week in college
  6. The moment a hangover ended & my stomach stopped rebelling against me.
    Day drinking can commence.
  7. Waiting around all day Sunday for a new Mad Men