Christmas confessions 🎄❄️
    I didn't see Home Alone until I was 21...I watched it at my uncle's house after thanksgiving dinner, clutching my stomach on a couch in the basement.
  2. Wonderful Christmastime
    Last Christmas it finally clicked that this is Paul McCartney.
  3. "Merry Christmas, you filthy animal"
    A guy I was unsuccessfully avoiding after one too many weird dates/nights over texted me this on xmas. As I had only seen Home Alone once, in the midst of the worst food coma ever 3 years prior, I had NO IDEA what he was talking about. I vowed to never drink with him again & racked my brain trying to piece together our apparently wild nights. (But I saw Home Alone again last year & now I get the reference. This is what people say to people on Christmas, Olivia!)
  4. 7th grade
    Was the year my history teacher casually talked about Santa not being real. On the outside I played it cool & laughed with my classmates, but on the inside I felt confused & sad. I was 12 & dangerously close to tears. I saw my parents differently that night at the dinner table.
  5. "You better not cry"
    This line in "Santa Claus is coming to town" caused an insane amount of stress as a child, because I was born sad and cried a lot.
  6. Giphy