My family's house burned down last night
  1. This is a nightmare and I'll wake up soon
  2. There was a bad storm last night
    One of those summer storms that stops as fast as it starts
  3. My mom made my favorite tomato soup
    We were getting ready for dinner, but never ate
  4. Lightning struck around our house
    A huge pop and sparks flew. We couldn't figure out where exactly it hit.
  5. I went upstairs
    I wasn't feeling well and didn't think the lightning would amount to anything
  6. A few minutes later I heard someone yell "fire"
    I put on my shoes and ran to the top of the stairs, not knowing what to expect
  7. My mom and sister were screaming
    Putting leashes on the dogs. We couldn't look for the cats. We had to run.
  8. We ran out
    The garage windows were exploding and flames shot up. My dads left over 4th of July fireworks were in the garage. The loudest pops, cracks I've ever heard.
  9. All we could do was scream and someone called 911
  10. The firetruck finally came
    And then another, and another, and another
  11. There are no fire hydrants in our neighborhood
    We live in an out of the way neighborhood, all the houses are hidden down long driveways, surrounded by trees. Everyone uses well water. It was assumed in the neighborhood that they pump the lake to help put out fires, but that turned out to be impossible.
  12. It burned for 2 hours before it was contained
    They used what little water they could get. It felt like an eternity. My sister hyperventilated and they hooked her up to oxygen. My mom and I sat in chairs the neighbors brought out. All I could do was hold her hand.
  13. We got out with the 2 dogs
    A fireman found 1 cat. 2 are still missing. I hate that we had to abandon them.
  14. A couple kids wandered over and started taking pictures
    My sister yelled at them and the neighbors told them to leave
  15. I got lots of hugs
    Our neighbors, our pastor, people I didn't even know. Everyone was wonderful and did everything they could to help.
  16. I took my phone and that's it
    You think you'll grab all the important stuff, but you leave with what's on your back and in your hand. Im across town with my grandparents and our pets, everyone else is searching for the cats. I'm dealing with a flare up and can't move to help anyone, I've never felt so helpless and useless.
  17. I fell asleep for about 2 hours this morning
    I saw the flames in my sleep
  18. My parents' 30th anniversary is tomorrow
    I'm devastated for them.