I watched Three's Company all weekend & here are my thoughts

  1. Jack Tripper
    We have a weird "will they or won't they" thing happening and Janet is over it. I never have to cook because he tries all his new recipes on me. We sit Janet down when the lease is up & tell her we'll be moving into our own place.
  2. Janet
    considerate & no nonsense. Wouldn't eat my food or bring random guys home. She'd also let me borrow her jumpsuits.
  3. Christmas "Chrissy" Snow
    An idiot, but she means well. Always wants to hang out. Replaces anything she eats that isn't hers and does my hair&makeup before we hit the town.
  4. Cindy
    A damn moron. I bet she'd finish my almond milk thinking it's her 2% and complain about the taste. Never locks the door & leaves all the lights on. Uses speaker phone & insists on walking around the apt while talking.
  5. Terry
    She's a nurse, so she makes sure I get my flu shot & reminds me about my pap smear. We meet for coffee & she listens to my boy problems. We talk about how Janet is kind of a stick in the mud.
  6. Larry
    His cracks about women! His chest hair! His little black book! Is he employed? How does he finance all these dates? He'd sucker me into a drink at the Regal Beagle & claim he forgot his wallet. He has another date waiting in the wings.
  7. Mr. Roper
    Ever since I clogged up the shower drain with all my hair and he told me it was "my problem" we've been enemies.
  8. Helen Roper
    Invites me over for drinks once a week, I listen to her vent about Stanley. She doesn't cook, just takes a Sara Lee out of the freezer. I eat all of it.
  9. Mr. Furley
    I try to catch a glimpse of him each day because Jack & I have a bet going that he won't wear that bright yellow jumpsuit & polka dot ascot again BUT TODAY IS THE DAY TRIPPER HE'S WEARING IT.