1. I was brought up in a Republican household
    I remember waking up early & going to Reagan's funeral procession, freezing at Bush's 2nd inauguration, and hearing Rush Limbaugh on the radio when my mom picked me up from school.
  2. But I grew up & started experiencing life
    Going off to college in a new city, meeting different people, and seeing just how unfair and dark life can be for some people. Living through things I only heard about, but never thought would happen to me.
  3. Tuesday came
    But some in my family couldn't bring themselves to vote for Hillary, and it has disappointed me to no end.
  4. Part of me understands their legitimate, day to day concerns
    My dad owns a small business, our healthcare costs went through the roof this past year, forcing us to choose a plan nowhere near as good, and my parents' taxes have skyrocketed over the past 8 years.
  5. But a bigger part of me is really struggling
    The part of me that knows what it's like to be silenced and shamed.
  6. My mom is white & my dad is black
    30 yeas ago at their wedding someone said "this feels like a nightmare." Some people still don't want them to be married today. Some people in this country wish that my sister and I didn't exist.
  7. If you know what that hate & fear feels like
    Why would you sit by and let others face the same? Unfortunately for some, even in the face of all this hate, Hillary was still not an option. That's how frustrated, tired, and ready for an "outsider" people were. We need to figure out & acknowledge how we got here, and be ready for answers that aren't as simple as we think they are.
  8. I don't understand the lack of empathy
    At the same time, I'm trying to wrap my head around this and recognize what this is, and what this is not. While we certainly have a dangerous and hateful group of people supporting Trump, I refuse to believe all ~59 million who voted for him are dangerous, hateful Americans determined to rip this country apart.
  9. My thoughts are still a mess.
  10. It's Friday & I want to move forward
    It's just so hard.