Last 10 things I bought on Amazon

Inspired by @lexie_elyse & everyone else. On behalf of my family, I'm sending lots of love & apologies to our poor UPS guy & everyone in the warehouses dealing with our endless stream of orders.
  1. House slippers
    They should be arriving any minute, really hoping they are comfortable
  2. Work bag
    I love it! Sturdy & even more gorgeous in person. Ordering Matt & Nat bags from Amazon is the way to go, I've read too many unfortunate things about ordering straight from their website
  3. Winter socks
    Very cute, but may wear out fast.
  4. Fall scarf
    Cute, cozy, cheap
  5. Lap desk
    Nothing fancy, but does the job well
  6. Bargain!
    2 big bottles for less than 8 bucks
  7. For my keychain
  8. Perhaps my least favorite album of theirs
    But bought the others earlier this fall (a $28 bundle on AF's website!) & had to complete the collection.
  9. The best thermos
    I used this all the time in New York, especially during winter. Keeps your food piping hot all day.
  10. For my ginger tea
    Great so far!