I started watching my mad fat diary last month when it came on Hulu, and it's the best thing I've seen in a long time. I have a few episodes left but I can't bring myself to finish them.
  1. Rae
    When we meet Rae she is a compulsive over eater battling severe anxiety. She's just left the hospital and has to adjust to life out in the world again with a new group of friends. Sex is always on her mind and she makes no apologies for it and I love it.
  2. The refreshing portrayal of anxiety, depression, and disordered eating
    Rae's panic attack sequences are almost too real. it's rare to see a panic attack on screen the way i truly lived it.
  3. Sharon Rooney
    Stars as Rae. She's hilarious and heartbreaking all at once. She deserves all the awards.
  4. The performances
    Every member of this young cast gives amazing performances that are honest and raw. Teenage characters on tv I don't want to run & hide from!
  5. Kester!
    Rae's therapist. I want a Kester.
  6. Sex
    Rae obsesses over sex and desires it in a way girls in tv/film are rarely allowed to do (until last summer's Diary of a Teenage Girl, also fantastic)
  7. And this
    I laugh and/or cry every episode
  8. The music! oasis & radiohead, among others
    It takes place in England in the mid 90s, so the music scene is a huge part of the show.
  9. I wish this had been on when I was a sad and confused teenager, it would have done me a world of good.
  10. Is anyone else watching it?