Please, PLEASE, make it stop
  1. I was bored this morning & googled randoms from high school
    I'm not on Facebook & didn't keep in touch with many people in high school too long, so I had no idea what was going on with anyone.
  2. I kept googling
  3. Discovered what a honeyfund is
    Am I alone in thinking this is kind of not cool? You want someone else to pay for your 17 DAYS in Japan?? 17 DAYS. Is this a new thing?
  4. Found odd YouTube videos from an old "friend"
    She surprise hugged me once & and it turned into her choking me. She sounds exactly the same (nuts) in her videos and it gave me anxiety all over again.
  5. Failed to find anything on one particular guy
    Wouldn't be surprised if he renounced his social security number/citizenship & just disappeared. (Fun fact: when you do this you're put on a list that is published quarterly by the IRS)
  6. I went downstairs & ate 3 pieces of pizza
    Burned the roof of my mouth.
  7. It's just after 3pm
    Still in my jim jams. Nothing is getting accomplished today.
  8. But I can't stop