SO. MUCH. TV. Time to prioritize!
  1. Orange Is The New Black
    I loved it when it started & followed through until a few episodes into season 3. Things weren't happening fast enough for me & it felt a bit stale. lazy excuse, but it's really that simple. (But I'm kind of interested in what happens to the baby? What's her name?) (also always hated the intro.)
  2. Silicon Valley
    Gave the first season a shot, then got tired of all the tech speak & felt bored/out of my element. I don't remember enough about what turned me off. This isn't a very good list??
  3. Casual
    Watched the first season faithfully every Wednesday. It felt fun & new & I loved Michaela Watkins' portrayal of Valerie. But I started season 2 the other day and realized I have nothing in common with these people & their struggles don't interest me at all.
  4. The Walking Dead
    It premiered when I was in college & EVERYONE (guys I liked) watched it, so I felt like I had to as well. I was never in love with it, but watched along with friends through season 3. Then I just got tired of zombies & Carl. I don't miss it.
  5. Peaky Blinders (paiiiky blindaahs)
    I could drool over Cillian Murphy all day. I did for a while. But when Tom "Mumbles" Hardy came to town (season 2?) I had a hard time keeping up with what he was bringing to the story & where it was going. great TV storytelling & characters, I just fell behind.
  6. The Vampire Diaries
    I started watching on Netflix during a very stressful time in college, it was a great escape. Around season 4 I was kind of over it & moving out of my slump.