Recent Things

  1. We're back in a house!
    My family & I finally moved into a rental home 2 weeks ago. The insurance company had it fully furnished.
  2. Things are starting to feel kind of normal again...
    but it's still constant phone calls, emails, and paperwork trying to get everything back in order. it's a struggle to feel present.
  3. BUT I have wifi & tv again
    went without it for 2 weeks. I did not handle it well.
  4. I turned 26
    I only cried once. This is huge for me.
  5. GOT A JOB
    My schedule is very flexible, so I can still make all my doctor appointments & tv binges. and I get business cards! This is also huge for me, as I hail from the lowly dregs of costume departments.
  6. New stuff
    Shopping for everything sounds fun, but it's turned out to be an overwhelming/emotional process. I'm so lucky to be able to get everything I had before, but it's left me feeling kind of empty. Like- I'm a tiny blip in this endless universe & my time here is barely a second why am I buying this dumb coat again what difference does any of this make- gross feelings.
  7. Some sad clown looted the random stuff left in our house
    But the joke's on you, because the good wine burned first & that tv didn't even work BECAUSE THE HOUSE WAS BLASTED WITH WATER FOR 10 HOURS. Enjoy all 28 inches of that standard definition, asshole.
  8. The old house will be cleared away any day now & a new one will be built by spring
    Hopefully I'll be out on my own again by then, buuuut this new house sounds amazing, and I really want to be back in a place that feels like home for a little bit. I really miss that feeling.