1. My 4th & final pet hamster died in 2007
    His name was Diego, he was a long haired boy.
  2. He died right before opening night of my big role in Neil Simons' Rumors, my senior year in HS
    Leading lady!
  3. But I wasn't even all that upset about it
    It got to the point where I was getting freaked out that a tiny animal was caged up feet away from my bed hanging from his teeth all night, just gnawing and gnawing.
  4. I put him in a small box
    I decorated it with stickers
  5. I put the box in the freezer
    And forgot about him.
  6. My parents moved in 2009
    So did Diego. To a new freezer.
  7. Every time I visited during college I asked my parents where the shovel was & where I could dig a hole & not have my dad lose it.
    this weekend is THE weekend
  9. It is 2016
    Diego is still in the freezer.
  10. Giphy