Heartbreak followed.
  1. I had just watched RUMBLE FISH.
    Francis Ford Coppola adapted SE Hinton's novel in 1983. It's a stylish & cool black and white movie that moves in a way you can snap your fingers to.
  2. Mickey Rourke played the Motorcycle Boy.
    The motorcycle boy was soft spoken, sensitive and tried to do the right thing. Find yourself in a jam? He appeared out of nowhere on his bike & saved the day. By the time you could thank him, all that was left was the rumble of his bike as he sped off. He didn't say much, but his wounded eyes told me all I needed to know. His understated performance and vulnerability on screen had me thinking "who is this Mickey guy??"
  3. he was also SO DREAMY.
  4. So was Matt Dillon.
  5. And so was Diane Lane.
  6. But the motorcycle boy 💗🏍💗
  7. The movie ended.
    I won't spoil it. Watch the movie! The movie was over and I had to know more.
  8. I ran upstairs and sat down at our Dell desktop & opened internet explorer.
    I was 17 & my heart was ready to burst.
  9. The internet was touchy.
    This was 2007 and we were stealing internet from our neighbors until our awful satellite internet subscription ended. So this was a very touch & go operation.
  10. I typed in Mickey Rourke and tried to stay calm.
    I was probably close to passing out at this point
  12. The page loaded.
  13. Time came to a screeching halt.
  14. Giphy
  16. MICKEY, NO.
  17. Static
  18. I scrolled through the photos & read how it all went downhill.
    (But The Wrestler was right around the corner & he made a comeback)
  19. I sat and reflected.
    We all get old. But I was 17, so this didn't apply to me. Forever young 🐣✨
  20. I closed my eyes.
    The Motorcycle Boy's bike roared to life. He pulled up and nodded for me to hop on. I held on tightly and rested my head on his shoulder as we drove off into the night.
  21. ❤️❤️❤️