1. Run far
  2. Run fast
  3. Long drives with loud music
  4. Screaming
  5. Calling long distance best friends
    Catch up on their life to forget about yours.
  6. Eat a dessert in solitude and silence.
  7. Drink wine and watch something that makes you laugh like a crazy drunk person
  8. Go into nature. Hang out there. Alone.
    Notice how small you are, your problems are even smaller.
  9. Make schedules and routines
    Hang on to your sanity
  10. Meditate
    Find your inner silence
  11. Practice mindfulness
    Be where you are. Focus on what you're doing. Notice each sensation.
  12. Orgasm
    With or without someone else
  13. Surround yourself with calming people
    Where my friends at??
  14. Hug a dog
  15. Go for a walk
  16. Take slow, deep breaths
  17. Pet a cat
  18. Lay in some grass
  19. Cry it out