I like to write down the good things.
  1. Far miles, clear minds
  2. Making kids laugh, making adults laugh
  3. Strong bodies
  4. Exploring the parts of life that make you uncomfortable
  5. Unconditional friendships
  6. Handwritten letters
  7. No expectations
  8. Letting structure take a back seat
  9. Anticipation
  10. Your fav song coming on twice in a row on the radio
  11. Mutual flakiness
  12. Reflecting fondly on past friendships and relationships
  13. Shaking an extra frosty martini
  14. Waking up excited for the day
  15. Entertaining coworker dynamics
  16. Slow, daytime conversations
  17. Racing the sunset
  18. Running faster when you think about sex
  19. Gentle souls with kind eyes
  20. Attraction
  21. Making shit happen- theory into action
  22. Savoring each: bite, breath, touch, word, mile, minute
  23. Creative energies
  24. Heavy short stories that can only be consumed one at a time
  25. Kitchen dancing while my water is boiling
  26. Morning stretches and bed dismounts
  27. Overlapping brains, connected souls
  28. Happy dogs
  29. Slow brush strokes
  30. Charming aesthetics
  31. Breathing salty air
  32. Timeless days
  33. Sharing a funny, passing moment with a stranger
  34. Morning coffee on the stoop with the pups
  35. Enjoying the pursuit of your goals as much as attaining them
  36. Productive days
  37. Hearing a song that brings you back to a moment in your past
  38. Falling into intimacy
  39. Self reflection on long drives and long runs
  40. Calm moments in places of chaos
  41. Floral prints
  42. Gaining a deeper understanding of a person by seeing their bedroom
  43. Watching people enjoy themselves
  44. Hungry minds
  45. Uncertainty mixed with optimism