Beverages that hold a special place in my heart
  1. Frozen strawberry basil lemonade from Krazy Burger
  2. Water with lemon all day erry day
  3. Pink Starbucks refreshers
    You get me through the roughest of bartending shifts
  4. Moroccan mint tea with honey
  5. Iced caramel macchiato with coconut milk
    Saturday pre-work ritual
  6. Silk coconut-almond milk blend straight from the carton
  7. Chocolate Zico coconut water
  8. Peach detox tea
  9. Pineapple surf from Smoothie King
    Add coconut, energy and caffeine. No one will ever replace you in my heart- I want to drink you every damn day.
  10. Green tea latte from Refuge Cafe
    What I drank while I waited for my laundry next door.
  11. Dirty chai latte with biscotti to dip in it
  12. Hot chocolate with fluff up in there
  13. Homemade raspberry lemonade
  14. Ginger ale
  15. An old fashioned
  16. White Sangria where the fruit actually sits overnight
  17. A Tom Collins
  18. A 22oz Bloody Mary from Pour House
  19. Also their giant mugarita
  20. A dusty freckle or whatever Bourbon, Amaretto, cinnamon, simple syrup makes
    Courtesy of a customer months ago. Why you so goooood?
  21. Rye whiskey with ginger simple syrup
    A date made me this once. The date was insignificant but the drink was worth remembering.
  22. Smith and Forge Cider
  23. The generic shit coffee I brew at home
    We were forced into this relationship, but I've grown to love you and trust in you as my vital caffeine lifeblood.
  24. Vita coco cafe
    The hangover savior
  25. Toasted Head Untamed Red Wine
    I've only loved you once but I look forward to reliving it all over again one day.
  26. La Fin du Monde
    Partly for your name, partly for your high alcohol content. You got me, girl.