1. The smell of cookies in the oven
    The literal best smell in existence.
  2. Bare feet on warm stones
    Or grass, sand, water, plush carpets. Insert your fav here.
  3. Soft breezes on a warm day
  4. Drinking a cold glass of water when you're so damn thirsty
  5. Drinking a hot beverage when you're freezing
  6. Seats with built in heaters
    Love my buns toasted.
  7. When you feel your muscles doing their thing during a workout
  8. Deep breaths
    Whether it's to calm anxiety, get some O2 during a workout, or if it's a huge sigh of happiness. Big ol breaths feel so good.
  9. Laughing uncontrollably
    Degrees of uncontrollable laughter include: inability to speak or breath, crying, ab pain, accidental farting, peeing your pants.
  10. Electricity
    That zing you get when a person you like casually grazes you or touches you and it shoots through your body.
  11. Waking up refreshed
  12. Sleeping naked in soft sheets
  13. Eating fresh fruit
  14. Long, slow stretches when you're sore
  15. Cooling rain during a run
  16. Peeing after you have held it for too long
  17. Kissing
  18. Extra hot showers or baths
  19. Taking in beautiful skies
    Wispy clouds, pillowy clouds, sunsets, sunrises, full moons, starry nights, meteor showers. There's always a view.
  20. That pit in your stomach from anticipation
    Scary movies, job interviews, big tests, first dates, when you're convinced you heard something in the house.
  21. Eating chocolate
    What do you do to my brain??
  22. Cuddling dogs
    Keeps you warm literally and figuratively
  23. Intoxicating colognes and perfumes
    Can't stop smelling you.
  24. Climbing into bed exhausted
    Or melting into bed.
  25. Taking out contacts after a long day
    And taking off pants and bra.
  26. Feeling the warm sunshine on your skin
  27. Letting the ocean waves lull you to sleep
  28. Hearing a song for the first time and falling in love with the way it makes you feel
  29. Hearing babies laugh
  30. Holding hands