1. Arts and crafts. All day, erry day.
    Paper mâché hot air balloons? Yup. Puffy paint self portraits? Ok. Bead necklaces? Yes, please.
  2. Winging balloon animal designs like a boss
    Like a ninja turtle and just the body of a cat.
  3. Playing house
    The only time I will be a farmer and a mother to five. Thank God.
  4. Little people call me Ms. Sam all day
  5. I can wear slipper socks.
    Good thing I have an embarrassingly large collection of comfy socks with animal faces on them.
  6. Bonding with my tiny introverted friends
    As a fellow introverted human, I get you. I hate everyone too. Let's play with play dough and hold hands.
  7. You learn all of your own sensory processing issues
    Sensory avoidant all day long.
  8. Little kids tell me I'm pretty some times.
    Even though I show up in slipper socks, no make up and with my hair in shambles. Thanks, tiny humans.
  9. It makes me look forward to having a family one day
    My ovaries are exploding every time a child holds my hand. Shut up, hormones.
  10. It helps me assess the adults I know
    Damn, he was sensory seeking and I was sensory avoidant. No wonder that didn't work out.
  11. Therapy balls
    If I get tired I can bounce on a therapy ball or swing on the platform swing. There's also free coffee, but I need all the energy I can get.