1. The face of a happy, furry lunatic
  2. The day I stumbled upon the painting from my phone background in real life
  3. These floating legs on a rooftop in not rooftop appropriate shoes.
  4. This crow riding an eagle. I did not take it, but it belongs in a locket around my neck so I can look at it always.
  5. This poem left behind by a customer.
  6. This picture of my crotch I sent to @Aseel when I was house sitting. It reminds me of the time I danced around the Eid house in these for two weeks.
  7. When I was first in line to make a Sundae during exam week and I created this dream 😍
  8. The view from the secret elevator at the VA. See you again in two months!
  9. My brother basking in a ray of sunshine
  10. Saying "I woke up like this" and meaning covered in dew next to @katolson
  11. My friend on the bike path. Every day I run towards him I'm scared I'll discover that the town removed him.
  12. This okcupid graph that confirms I am suave af 💁🏼
  13. The time I saw the bat signal while Ben Folds was singing. Kat, thanks for the best date of my life.