Happy birthday, frand! MYLY!!! 👭
  1. She's a mermaid
    Watch her dive off a boat like it ain't no thang
  2. She drives a standard
    And jet skis. And four wheelers.
  3. She had a lion's mane
    Made of curls
  4. She tells it like it is
    This shits real. Don't go to her for that sugar coated bologna.
  5. She's a literal yogi
    Strong, flexible, and centered. Both physically and mentally.
  6. She's an heiress
    To the olsonite family throne
  7. She rides her bike everywhere
    I'm tired just thinking about it
  8. Sometimes she can read minds
    Or maybe just mine because parts of our brains overlap.
  9. She's secretly super athletic
    She plays it off like she isn't but she snowboards and used to play lacrosse and volleyball. I swear she keeps her athleticism on the DL. It's like a secret weapon.
  10. She slept in a 30 degree tent then ran up a mountain with me for fun
    Thanks, frand. Sorry we almost died of hypothermia.
  11. She's hilarious and sarcastic
    Let's move in together again so you can just make me laugh all day.
  12. She's a babe
    A badass one.