1. Singing happy birthday with less than 5 people
    No one wants to be able to hear my voice during this
  2. Writing in a card for someone I barely know or do not like
    I have trouble writing insincere crap. Generic quote it is.
  3. Driving when a big truck is accelerating quickly behind me
    Those downhills 😰
  4. When acquaintances want to hug me or touch me in someway
    Nothing gets my muscles more rigid than unwanted touching
  5. Watching sex scenes with my parents
    Forever scarred by an episode of GOT
  6. When my customers make out at the bar
    Seriously, just take it back to one of your houses already.
  7. When someone farts unexpectedly but I don't know them well enough to joke about it
    Do I ignore it? How do I keep talking without a lull after this? Idk because it takes all my effort to maintain composure.
  8. When someone else's dog is all up in my parts
  9. When I walk in on someone in the bathroom. Or they walk in on me.
    Idk which is worse. They're both horrendous.