1. She has her priorities in line
  2. We have a passion for what we do
  3. We get the same euphoric feeling from eating baked goods
  4. We can't handle our alcohol
  5. We love showering the people we care about with compliments
  6. She gets my style aesthetic
  7. We enjoy a good cry
  8. We're grandmas when it comes to "what the kids are doing these days"
  9. We don't tolerate rudeness
  10. We take time to be thankful for how wonderful our lives are.
  11. Kale 😑
  12. We're amused by those coy bastards
  13. We are confident in our strengths
  14. Our brains say the same things when we're attracted to someone
  15. We share the same drunk goals involving mountains of dessert
  16. We inspire ourselves to do better and to be better
  17. We're both incredible spaghetti arm-ed dancers